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Description of the various species of logs used for log homes and timber frame homes Got a question? Call Us Toll Free : 1-888-207-0210 Log Species for Stacked Log Homes The Log Connection is a leading producer of quality hand crafted log homes, log cabins, custom log homes, and post and beam style log homes

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Types of Logs A log cabin can be made from virtually any group of tall trees However, a log cabin that lasts must be made from a narrow selection of wood types that have the characteristics needed to craft a sound, visually appealing structure that will retain its strength, value and appearance for …

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Which types of wood are most often used for log home construction? Learn the differences in the materials and the styles Types of Wood For Log Homes Although the particular species of wood you choose for your logs is irrelevant to the success of your home, the color and grain of the wood contribute substantially to a certain look

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Modular Log Cabin Custom Log Types Posted on June 29, The following describes the common and not-so-common types of logs used in log cabin construction Mountain Recreation Log Cabins 8007 Linville Falls Hwy Newland, NC 28657 828-387-6688 Click Here for our Contact Form

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Types of Wood Used in Log Cabins By Jason Prader SAVE but it's an expensive material compared to other types of wood Yellow Pine Logs Although oak can be an excellent choice for log cabin construction, it is not commonly employed because the logs can be very expensive Oak is heavy, strong and highly resistant to wet weather and age

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Log Homes: Construction Types D-Log Logs are cut with one round side and one flat side for consumers who desire one side of a log wall to have a flat surface while the other retains a rounded edge 5 Handcrafted Timbers are debarked by hand and each log retains its natural shape Handcrafted log homes are built so each log is in a precise

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Log Types The most popular logs used to build log home are very much dependant on the trees grown in each area, or the availability and cost of trees in a particular area These are …

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Different types of log cabins The popularity of log cabins has significantly increased during the last few years As the name implies, it is a cabin made of logs A log cabin is a very wise investment as it looks very attractive, can be easily customized and comes at a reasonable price


WHAT TYPE OF TREES SHOULD BE USED FOR BUILDING LOG CABINS? by Ray Johnson (PTOMAC MD) WHAT SIZE LOGS SHOULD BE USED FOR BUILDING LOG CABINS? Banjoe Answers: Ray, it has been my observation that cabin builders tend to use what they have on hand! I am not sure if you are referring more to the diameter of the logs or to the length

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Trees used to build log cabins… Just about any tall tree can be used to build a log cabin, but there are some types that are superior Here are the best trees to use for log cabins Cypress Cypress trees provide hardy, strong and rot-resistance logs for cabins

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The types of log you select to build your log home are very important The right selection will not only determine the cost of your project; but choosing the right timber for your home will ensure a sound structure that can withstand the elements

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Mortar chinking continues the traditional approach of chinking log homes and is mainly used for do-it-yourself log cabins (ie cabins built from scratch) Synthetic chinking is made from either acrylic or petrochemical elastic compounds which have the ability to expand and contract with your logs

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Log Types We offer several different styles of logs, including milled, handcrafted, timberframe, and half-log siding This allows us to provide you with many different styles and designs for both residential and commercial settings

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Finding the look and construction type that’s right for you - discover these different types of cabins In general, handcrafted log homes use larger logs than milled log homes and come with a higher price tag Milled logs are precision-cut to a uniform look and size These logs come in a variety of profiles, from fully round to squared

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Each log is individually graded under the expert direction of Timber Product Inspection, Inc to assure that only the highest quality logs for our log homes Easy Electrical Wiring Every Southland log cabin kit comes with base logs for each floor that are already grooved for electrical wiring

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Of all the log types which fall under the profiled category, these really are the best type of logs you can buy They tend to be found in larger log cabins at the quality end of the market, but are still worth considering for smaller ones too

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Top 10 Things to Know Before Building a Log Home Building Log Dreams Since 1997 By: Mike and Sue Lemmon There are two main types of log homes: 1) Milled (manufactured) log homes, and Handcrafted logs vary in diameter not only in the length of one log, but also in the various logs used for a wall This lends even more of a rustic feel

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A log cabin is a small log house, especially a less finished or architecturally sophisticated structureLog cabins have an ancient history in Europe, and in America are often associated with first generation home building by settlers

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You could always peel the logs and then let 'em set a year, but it is just as easy to me to get the cabin up and plan on shrinkage Thanks for your question Comments for Best Type of Wood for a Log Cabin

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At Quality Log Homes Builders, we use a wide range of logs and materials when we build log homes and log cabins in Eastern and Central North Carolina We’ll work with you to determine which materials and log types to use to ensure you get your dream log home

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Choosing your Wood Species can be kiln-dried or air-dried, thus controlling this characteristic Also, through careful grading of the wood, those logs with an inherent tendency to twist or warp can be identified and rejected The following listing provides information on the basic characteristics of the wood species most often used for

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Different Types of Log Cabins Log cabins were first used by the European immigrants in the 1600s The cabins were used as shelter and living quarters When a log cabins is built using fitted logs that are attached to each other by notches in the corners, this style is referred to as fully scribed

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Log cabins were never meant to be permanent, but many log houses were The difference between the two was primarily one of size and attention to detail Most pioneers preferred "flat" walls to rounded log walls, and so most used hewn logs for building

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Wholesale Milled Logs for Log Homes and Log Cabins For information on Logs and Timber for Log Cabins and Log Homes click here Types of Milled Logs Merrimac Quality Log Homes offers several styles of wholesale milled logs for log building construction

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How to get free logs to build your log home with March 14, 2014 by Buying logs is an option, and other is using free houselogs One of the most common questions we get is how to get free log cabin logs to build your log home with Rest assured, we spend hours in the seminar discussing log selection and where to get logs it is always

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There are three different types of corner notches on log cabins found here in the Mid-Atlantic states… the half-dovetail, the V-notch, and the square notch but that name I reserve for the notch used out west where round logs are commonly used and thus rounded notches are created for them… which makes each notch look like a saddle

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A log house, or log building, is a structure built with horizontal logs interlocked at the corners by notching Logs may be round, squared or hewn to other shapes, either handcrafted or milled Logs may be round, squared or hewn to other shapes, either handcrafted or milled

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White and red pine trees are often used to construct log homes These woods are often a little less expensive than some of the other types, and they have a smooth appearance and tend to settle less than some other varieties Pine trees are good insulators, making them more energy-efficient than some logs

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Different types of log cabin according to the type of wood used: When purchasing a wooden garage, considering the type of wood is a very important factor Generally, it is recommended that one chooses a type that uses full logs with diameters of 8-10 inches

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Rustic Dream Homes: The Seven Types of Log Cabin Plans Print Comment Like Embed Email Visions of rugged mountains and ancient forests come to mind log cabins come up in conversation Many of today’s log homes are more than little cabins in the woods It relies on using a combination of logs and milled timber in the house design